TopTENS Electrotherapy Pulse Pain Relief System
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Toptens Electrotherapy Pulse Pain Relief System

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Pushing yourself with strenuous physical exercise has undeniable health benefits, but for many of use sore muscles are an inevitable result, particularly in the early stages of a new exercise regimen. And then there's those of you who find themselves aching regularly given your occupation, regular household tasks or fondness for competitive contact sports. No matter what's leading you to experience sore and aching muscles, the FDA-approved TopTENS™ Pain Relief System from Roscoe Medical will alleviate that discomfort with a level of effectiveness that will definitely impress you. Eight preset programs allow you to customize your muscle therapy and target pain points more effectively. Attaching each of the pads is easy and the way they begin pulsing and soothing and loosening your muscles is really something. Anytime you're feeling like you could really use a deep therapeutic massage, you've got one ready to go with the TopTENS Pain Relief System. Take us up on this terrific offer today--we promise your muscles will be thanking you for it!
  • • 1-year warranty
  • • FDA cleared for the over-the-counter sale (no prescription required)
  • • 8 self-adhesive reusable electrodes
  • • High intensity output
  • • Dual isolated channel pulse intensity for area-specific therapy
  • • Adjustable 0 - 100A peak into 500 load each channel
  • • Electric pulse rate between 2 and 60Hz
  • • 5-60 minute timer option plus continuous mode wave form
  • • Symmetrical Bi-phase pulsing for added therapeutic effectiveness
  • • Simple to apply, operate, and take along with you during travels
  • • 3 AAA batteries (included)
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