Bell & Howell Ionic Maxx Air Purifier & Ionizer
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Bell & Howell Ionic Maxx Air Purifier & Ionizer

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Little Suzie has offered to cat sit her best friend's very hairy, very rambunctious kitty, despite your allergies. Your old Uncle Joe is coming over, and you don't have the heart to send him out to smoke in sub-zero temperatures, despite your overwhelming hatred of cigarettes. Everyone but you in the house is sick, spreading their germs without forethought, despite the fact that you have a huge presentation tomorrow. Luckily for you, Bell & Howell offers an air purifier & ionizer that will help eliminate all these problems and have fresh, clean air circulating throughout the rooms in your home. With its built-in fan, and permanent filter, you can breathe easier.
  • • Help reduce smoke, pollen bacteria, odor, dust, and formaldehyde
  • • Effective and east to use
  • • UV germicidal protection
  • • Covers up to 120sq ft
  • • Whisper silent operation
  • • Build in permanent filter
  • • Never needs replacements
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Operates using negative ion that pulls in polluted air trap contaminant and release healthy clean air
  • • Ideal for living room, basement, bedroom, and kitchen space
  • • Final sale
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