North American Health and Wellness Cordless Wet/Dry Ear Vacuum Cleaner
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North American Health And Wellness Cordless Wet/Dry Ear Vacuum Cleaner

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Nasty wax build-up--it's one of those things we all have suffered from at one point in our lives, but no one ever wants to talk about. And we don't really want to either, but we do want to ensure that you get rid of that disgusting wax in the safest, gentlest, most hygienic way possible. Forget cotton swabs--they can just push wax and debris further into your ear or even rupture your ear drum. Instead, add this portable vacuum to your personal hygiene regime. With a powerful, yet quiet motor, the cordless ear vac gently draws moisture and dirt particles from your ears without risk of damage to your ear canal. The four included tips prevent the ear vac from probing too far into the ear canal. Not to be used to clear the cobwebs out of your head!
  • • 1 year warranty
  • • Gently draws moisture and debris from ears
  • • More effective at removing ear wax than conventional cotton swabs
  • • Gentle suction draws dirt particles and moisture from the ear
  • • Whisper quiet motor makes for a pleasant usage experience every time
  • • Easy to use with simple on/off switch
  • • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • • Included hygienic silicone tips protects your inner ear
  • • Silicone tips color-coated so four people can share device
  • • Once your ears are cleaned the removable reservoir is easily cleaned with the included cleaning brush or a damp paper towel.
  • • Final Sale
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